Big Brother Essay

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In George Orwell’s 1984 the characters are terrorized by figure hiding in the shadows, listening to their every word, in other words “Big Brother”. Today “Big Brother” has taken form in what we now call “Little Brother”; in a sense, we are all little brother seeing as how we from the comfort of our homes watch the lives of others. In many ways “Little Brother” is hurting everyone from decreasing real life human contact, limiting privacy, and affecting mental health; however, this exuberant amount of information at our fingertips keeps the whole world constantly informed. With the vast amount of technology and information flowing through the whole world we are always up to date. Take the recent school shooting as an example, within just a few hours the whole United States had heard about what had happened. Buzzfeed News published its first article about the event at 2:31pm…show more content…
I even went as far as to document just how much time I spent on technology. Some of that time was necessary since a lot of my school work is online or needs the use of technology in order to complete it. On Monday, Feb.20th I spent a total of 8.5 hours on some form of technology. Of those 8.5 hours I spent two hours on the computer completing school work, something entirely necessary for me to complete my CBA class and other school work. However, I spent a total of four hours on Snapchat, Instagram, and Netflix; all things not necessary to better my education or life. Essentially I wasted four hours of my life to three things not necessary to further my life. In those four hours I could have had more than one conversation with another human being. I could have bettered my relationship with my parents or taken the time to connect with someone I don 't get to talk to much. By becoming absorbed by technology we have lost our ability to communicate with other people in
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