Big Brother Parallel

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Communism and Big Brother Parallel

In a world where everything seemed to be serene society began to face the evil beast that is communism. Destroying households, businesses, and the job industry the communist red scare is not a series of events to be taken lightly. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the author explores the historical parallel between Big Brother and the communist Red Scare through the use of situational irony and by relating the hidden aspects of communism in the novel to show how society feels threatened by the idea of an omnipresent power. “Escalating anti-communism by decade’s end, paralleling and fueling shrinking party ranks, fed growing paranoia on both the left and right” (Cohen 10). Many citizens began to have a
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The Red Scare affected the workplace in many ways and “there were over 3,300 strikes across the USA” (Jebson 2). These workers who went on strikes believed that the Reds were unpatriotic and were only there to corrupt society. This caused unrest throughout America, and many citizens began looking for someone to blame and “public opinion blamed communist trouble-makers and agents” (Jebson 2). All of the fuel for the Red Scare came from extremist groups that were willing to do whatever it took to achieve their political goals, this included operating against the law, being violent or even committing murder (Jebson 3). Just how Big Brother was violent and lingering in the lives of citizens the Reds were the same way. “The Red scare ended in 1920, almost as quickly as it began” (Jebson 4) when public opinion began shifting towards individual liberties and not who was trying to restrict the rights of the people. Before the communists could do too much damage the Red Scare was over, however tension from the Cold War was still present (Jebson…show more content…
Everyone had to work together in order to overcome the communist Red Scare, just how in the book Winston was attempting to overthrow Big Brother. From the ironic nature of how Winston represented the everyday people that were affected by the Red Scare to how the Reds and the Party were constantly watching over everyone; the novel and what happened in real time paralleled together. “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength” (Orwell 27). And this is even true today, with the government being as powerful as it is, is there a chance that Orwell’s prediction could hold some truth? Until that time comes it remains unknown, and citizens must continue on with daily life in hopes that they are not being watched or controlled. Orwell made readers question the government and compare how communism related to what our society may one
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