Big Changes In Confetti Girl

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Big changes can severely impact one's life. It could be a different place, experience or people. A change can be for the good or the bad. It can be made by one person or several. If a change in a person's life is made, or decided on, by one person that person can face blame. It can be blame for making a bad choice or being selfish. In Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, the common theme is change can be misinterpreted. In Confetti Girl, the main character misinterpret her dad's actions are thought to be uncaring instead on thoughtful. Confetti girl's dad try to be considerate and make dinner. She says that "He's got flour, potato skins, and crumpled napkins on the counter. The pot boils over with brown scum.(3)" This makes misunderstanding may have came from confetti girl already being mad about the…show more content…
Her mom is in school and has the opportunity to go to Costa Rica and to finish up the study to graduate. Her mom is doing this to change their lives "for the better." The daughter asks “Why do you always get to decide everything? We just unpacked and I—I had plans.” In this case the mother is the on going to the blame fire. She later asks if it's an opportunity for her mom only. She does not see any benefits for her and concludes that the choice of change is due to selfishness not bettering of both parties. She thinks that it is unfair that he mom makes all the decisions because she disagrees with them. Her mom is deciding to do this "finally graduate" and change their lives for the better. While away the daughter will have to stay with her Grandma who she doesn’t know well. Not only is her Mom leaving but also her having to leave their new town to stay with Grandma being misinterpreted. The decision making mother make the choice to better the family’s live not to selfishly leave for Costa Rica. However, the daughter misunderstands her intentions causing the
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