Big Data Research Paper

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MIS: Assignment # 3
Muhammad Junaid Iftikhar
MAY 04, 2015

A1: The terminology big data refers to the concept of large collection of related data and data-sets, physically placed in large repositories with large amount of data holding. Concepts of database are similar to big-data but the technical term big-data actually combines the latest technologies, IS with algorithms for maneuverable and fast data search. Big Data is the current and the future technology developed and processed under different designing phases and recommendation processors along with the gurus of modern technology making Big Data the future innovation. Big Data first of all crushes the concept of limited data set, the amount of data that
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The amount of data collected from an organization determines the uses of Big Data concept in that organization. Mainly full functionalities of Big Data are achieved in organization where data resides in trillions of Exabyte’s.
Database mainly stores data of one variety but with Big Data variety of data is stored in the repositories and move over search algorithms work evenly fine in all variety of data in real time scenarios.
Velocity is one of the terms that makes Big Data the future of enterprise. Quick results is the requirement of the day today but preciseness of the data is also the main requirement.
Examples of Big Data:
1. Enterprise Data
a. It includes the data related to the employees and all the data that resides in MIS for an organization.
b. Organizational daily transactional data with the statistical figures.

2. Data generated by machines
a. Call records of the cellular companies generating at a large amount of rate daily.
b. Data generated as weblogs of the internet, storing logs is one of the main requirements of the organizations and internet logs all around the world with this massive amount of data traditional databases will definitely not work to the level of efficiency
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On the other hand data mining is used to find the patterns set for big amount of data set. Data mining basically tries to aims at examining or explore the collection of tons of millions of data using database queries.
Data mining is mainly focusing on the overall practices and traditional way of automatically searching within the large stores of data to uncover the patterns in the data and trends that usually go beyond from the simple analysis and statistical data. Data mining uses the sophisticated and organized mathematical algorithms to segment data set and predict the occurrence of future events.
Queries are written and they can be processed on the data warehouse. Data mining basically makes a perspective of the activities of analyzing big data sets to look for specifically relevant information. Results generated by data mining helps in forecasting and

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