Big Data In Social Media

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What is Big Data and how does it impacts social media? The advent of time and technology has brought greater significance to the use of data. The cut throat competition among businesses today requires them to harness a huge amount of information for their advantage. It has become important for businesses to extract and analyze crucial data in order to gain a larger understanding of market trends and patterns. And, this examination would eventually lead to birth of plans and polices for an organization’s growth and progress. The time, where use of data held a little prominence, has gone. Therefore, now businesses, especially small scale, must realize the actual importance of big data. However, it is not just entrepreneur that are being affected…show more content…
The pace at which data is being examined is high and companies are inclined towards hiring a team of experts for data analysis. How big data impacts social media? Imagine nearly 20 terabytes of data being gathered from sources like business records and data bases like Thomson and Bloomberg. Now multiply this amount of by four and imagine the volume that will be born. This large amount of data is extracted through social media site frequently. Now, you must be wondering ‘how is it even possible to examine such a large amount of data’? This is where the role of organized media analysis jumps in. Now that the role of media analysis is crucial for examining data available on social media platforms, let try to understand how giants like Facebook and Twitter tend to use it. Data that social media garners is unstructured data and this happens to be biggest challenge faced by social media platforms. Effective analysis of social media data requires information gathered to be perfectly structured. This where Facebook came in to rescue and introduced social media industry to a tool called Hadoop. You must be surprised to know that Facebook witnesses nearly 2.5 billion content sharing, 2.7 billion likes and 300 million photo uploads regularly. It uses Hadoop to structure and manage this information and terabytes data it gets converted…show more content…
The extent of data derived from social media site, nowadays, requires an efficient team media analytics expert. In fact, social media, today, is proving to the major source of big data for companies and this raised the importance of social media analysis even more. The use of social media marketing has the raised the conversion rates significantly. This means that a company’s the targeted group of consumers are turning into its permanent customers. All thanks to data collected through social media platforms and media analytics experts, businesses, especially startups, are have managed to establish a brand value among their competitors. Since the time big data made way into the different sectors of economy, the need for analysis has risen. This gave birth to several analytics tools like Hadoop and SAS. Talking of Social media analysis, the use of Google analytics has risen tremendously in recent past. Experts are coming up more and more plans for increasing an organization’s conversion rates and big data is playing huge role in this process. In short, big data has brought enormous development for social media industry and will continue to do the

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