Big Family Is Better Than Small Family Essay

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In a family is a place where grown of tomorrow’s leader. Parents are the person who highly care about their children and be a reason for the best baby steps of their beloved children. In a family is a only place where they can learn moral, love , ethics and other value to develop their characters. It is small family is better than large family ? , my points imposing clearly holding that small family is more better. First of all in small family parents can give more substances to their children, they can provide high heed their kids and Parents can spend more time with their children and control their attitudes. When a smaller number of families parents can provide basic needs adequately to their children. Example of a basic requirement in term of food, education and love. If there are 10 children in a poor family, most likely parents will not be able to accommodate all the expenses and needs of children…show more content…
They won’t feel lonely because always there is a shoulder to lay and share their problems. This may look like a advantage of large family but it’s actually one on negative part , the reason will be the parents wont know about their children problem and de reason of there is a lot of possible for the child to drag it self to negative way , for example he/she may addicted to drugs and involve in immoral activity like vandalism and ect. Said by Ichanna 2008.

In a conclusion, small family is far more better than large family due to a lot of supportive points. Family is an important role in our life. In famous saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but u can’t make it drink. Big family may have a lot of siblings but won’t have the quality like small family does. Today’s children tomorrow’s may be a leader so quality of life, quality of parenting and quality of childhood its more

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