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Hello Garth Webb,s first full graduating class of 2016 I’m Sebastian in case any of you forgot or still just didn 't know.

Four years ago, I first entered Garth Webb; it seems like it has been just was just yesterday I wheeled into the school—did you guys get taller or is just me? I have thought long and hard about my journey and what I ought to say to you guys and while writing this I realized I still hate public speaking even more so this should be interesting, thanks Mrs. McLeod. I gotta be honest and say that I was pretty nervous about giving a speech; I kept thinking: What if I was like Taylor Swift and someone came up and interrupted like Kanye did back in 2009 but instead they said “Sorry I 'm gonna let you finish but someone
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Lastly Edward Bloom, the main character of Big Fish, is an ambitious, beloved, creative, and unpredictable man. He is a man that explains his life through marvelous stories that almost seem to be impossible. Though there may be some half-truths to these stories Edward shows his passion for everything he has ever done through these imaginative stories. “That was my father 's final joke, I guess. The man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him. And in that way, he becomes immortal” (Big Fish). This quote is from the film the “Big Fish” and is being said by Will, son to the main character Edward Bloom. The quote is important because it shows how valuable life is and how we must enjoy it as we never know when it might end. I believe that us teenagers are often caught up in school rather than having fun. Edward is trying to tell to get out and explore the world and not worry about the future as it will come fast enough but make memories in the present so that you can have plenty of stories to tell when you 're older. I have tried to live a much more stress free life and enjoy the little things and leave a legacy for myself as the stories and memories as that is all I will have when my time

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