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Chrislyn Atkinson
Screenplay Critique
The movie Big Fish is a film about a young man by the name of Edward Bloom and how he really liked telling stories. In the movie Edward finds out he has cancer and has very little time to live so his son Will, who he hasn’t talked to in several years, comes back to see his dad. I personally liked this film because it was really interesting and had lots of different symbols and themes so you could see it and take it anyway you wanted and it was really funny!
To begin, growing up Will was always told all of these awesome and entertaining stories but when he got older he realized that they were just for fun and they were all fake. Then at Wills wedding party his dad was telling the story of the big fish he caught while Will was being born. Will believes that all of the stories are lies and he has a falling out with his father. After 3 years of not talking, one day he found out his dad was sick he rushed back and brought his pregnant wife Joséphine to spend the last few days with his dad. He then was able to get to
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One of the main symbols that was used many times in this film was the “Big Fish.” Multiple times in this film talks about the big fish that he caught and we can link it to many things throughout the movie. One of the things that the big fish symbolizes would be his wife. He talks about how many times that it took him to catch this fish and it also took numerous times to get his wife to see him and to love him but eventually she fell just as in love with him as he was with her from the moment he saw her. Another symbol displayed in the movies was with the master in the circus. It shows him as being a werewolf but as we later learn he never was. This can show that you can never see somebody for who they really are just from the outside. These were some of the many symbols I was able to see while watching Big

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