Big Fish Realism

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The movie Big Fish is about a story that Edward told to his son. However, the son, Will did not believe his story because the story was full of magical elements. This movie contains a lot of magical realism, and the characters in the story do not question them. The Filmmaker uses several examples of magical realism that contradict normal life which entertains the audience, and make them think and grab their attention effectively during the important scenes. During the movie, the filmmaker utilized magical places and creatures to entertain the audience and to make them reflect on their normal life. A magical realism that entertained audience occurred in the town that Edward found after he went through the abandoned and dark forest. The existence of this little town is magical realism because people from that place were playing all day and they cut off communication from outside of the town. However, they had all the condition to enjoy their life comfortably and had things, such as; food, lights and houses, and they were even having a party. Also, the people there didn’t seem to get old. The magical element that appeared here is the impossible situation. After audience see this magical town, they would think the town is kind of creepy because it is too perfect, but at the same time, they would imagine living in that town. Moreover, they would feel vicarious satisfaction. The filmmaker 's purpose of putting this magical town is to make audience reflect their normal life which
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