Big Five Leadership Theories

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Leaders such as Richard Branson,Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos have been described as influential leaders based on the traits each of these individuals possessed.Leadership trait theories deeply concentrate at the characteristics and qualities in a leader.These traits could be easily identified using the Big Five Personality theory. According to the Big Five Personality there are five characterised traits that could be found in leader such as Extroversion (the ability to be assertive, sociable and gregarious), Agreeableness, Conscientiousness (the measurement of reliability), Emotional Stability (and Openness to experience)(Robbins S.P., Judge T.A. and Vohra N. 2014 ).
Furthermore research has shown that personality traits of a leader do affect
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Transformational leadership is based on the foundation built by the transactional leadership. As a result both transformational and transactional leadership could help build the performance of the employees and create a new standard for the organisation in providing services or products.
Research has additionally demonstrated that transformational leadership does influences the turnover rate,higher productivity,lower worker stretch and burnout and higher representative fulfilment.A study in a Canadian bank showed that transformational leadership did affect the managers performance to increase compared to managers that were under transactional leadership(Robbins S.P., Judge T.A. and Vohra N. 2014
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