Big Five Factor Model Of Personality Essay

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Framework of the study Personality refers to the uniqueness of a person be defined as different from others. It is one of the factors that give identity to a person. In the Big Five Model of Personality, an individual’s personality can be interpreted in a continuum. The personality type can be determined based on the plotting of scores in the Big Five Personality assessment. The types include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. John and Srivastava (1999) extraversion is described as openness to experience as expresses in the depth and complexity of mental life and experiences of a person. In the same light a high in openness to experience is indicated by someone who wants to acquaint with new…show more content…
According to Ackerman in her article “The Big Five Personality Theory: The 5 Factor Model Explained (+PDF)” (2017)She stated that a person who is low in openness is someone tend to make same routine about particular things, stick to things they are familiar and tend to be dislike abstract ideas and activity. A low in conscientiousness is someone who is mostly seems as procrastinate, irrational, and impulsive. A low in extroversion is someone who is a shy type, introspective, reserved and attentive. A low in agreeableness is a person who less to trust others. They tend to be callous, frank, impolite, opposed, and ironic but not all low in agreeableness are brutal and rough they are not showing warm fuzzy feelings with others. A low in neuroticism is someone who has the guts, sure about themselves, and exploratory.
Carl Gustav Jung (1921) identified and differentiated two opposing personality type, extravert and introvert. The extraverted individual manifest their source of energy towards their environment, they are adventurous and easily initiate with different people, while introverted individuals manifest themselves alone and they withdraw from their surroundings. They also focus more on their thoughtful
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