Big Five Personality Model Essay

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How a person behaves in situations has direct correlation to their personality. In order to better understand the connection between behavior and personality numerous theoretical frameworks and assessment tools have been created. The most universally known are the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Personality Model. Both describe an individual’s personality through core personality traits. However, the MBTI fails at predicting people’s success at work and lacks strong supporting evidence to back it up. The Big 5 Personality Model is a much more reliable test since it has a strong body of research to back up the results. It theorizes that there are five basic dimensions that capture the entire spectrum of human personality.…show more content…
If you have an office full of people with the same traits nothing would ever get done. You wouldn’t want an entire office of people who are high in agreeableness or you’d all be going around in circles looking for a leader. I want a boss who has a strong leader personality and is assertive. I want to work in an office where everyone is happy, works hard, gets along, does their work and meets deadlines. Essentially a low stress but productive work place. What I want to avoid is working with, for or over someone who has the personality traits found in the dark triad. There are a lot of people in power with these characteristics but these traits also lead to career and personal life derailment. Big Five traits have the most verifiable ties to strong organizational outcomes. Know who you are putting on your team and good things will happen for your company. I am a big fan of the Big Five Personality Model now. I am going to show it to my bosses and when I start my own company I will make my employees take it. However, I think there is more to it than just personality alone. You want someone who knows the industry you’re working in; in my opinion experience is the second side to the double edge hiring sword. One of the greatest mysterious in life is the answer to the question how will someone behave in certain situations. Well, the Big Five Personality Model is a major key to unlocking that
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