Big Five Personality Test Analysis

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According to John (2009), The Big Five personality test measures five major personality dimensions listed below and often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality. (John, 2009)
1) Openness to intellect and new experiences
2) Conscientiousness
3) Extraversion
4) Agreeableness
5) Neuroticism
Using a scale of one to five, with a range from strongly disagree to strongly agree, this test measures these five major personality dimension using forty-six open-ended statements. A sample of the individuals who have taken the test are analyzed in order to provide results. (John, 2009)
The Big Five personality test implies that I do not seek out new opportunities, as such, traits of innovation or creativeness are minimal, I am deemed closed minded. Further, I am a very well organized and reliable individual. It perceives me as a fun-loving extravert, who enjoys the company of others. I am viewed as good natured, forgiving, sympathetic and courteous and one who is not particularly calm or nervous.
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I consider myself the good natured individual and agree that I am an extravert as I enjoy socials and a relaxing environment with any one on a personal or professional level, and agree with my level of conscientiousness. However, I absolutely disagree with the result that I am close minded and lack innovation and creative. I deem myself an individual who seeks new opportunities by networking through various channels, I also enjoy implementing procedures and improving old one – , I deem myself very innovative and creative. As such, some aspects of the OCEAN model seem accurate while other are
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