Big Five Personality Theory

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Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background
Having positive emotions show achievement to joy, hope and pride positively related with students’ academic self-efficacy, academic interest and effort, and overall achievement. But she also said having high positive emotions like excitement may divert from achievement Valiente, Swanson and Eisenberg (2012). Studies found out that emotional intelligence is connected to academic and professional accomplishment and they also emphasized that students with higher emotional intelligence show more positive social relation Chew, Zain and Hassan (2013). In this study, the researchers would like to know the connection of Emotional stability and Academic performance.
Emotions are the most powerful
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According to Digman (1950) The big five personality theory are Extrovertion, Agreeableneds, Consciousness, Neuroticism and Openness. It is connected to this study specially the Neuroticism or Emotional Stability because it’s talk about the aspects of one’s emotional stability and level of negative emotions. People who score high on neuroticism test often experience emotional instability and negative emotions and some characteristics of neuroticism are being moody and tense.
Trait Theories of Personality
In this theory we will know what is the effects of the level of persons neuroticism. Also the possible things to happend when we have normal or high neuroticim. According to Eysenck (1947) the level of persons neuroticism is resolute of reactivity of their sympathetic nervous system. A well balance person's nervous system will mainly be less reactive to stressful condition, remaining cool and calm. While those who have high neuroticism will be more unbalance, and prone to exaggerating to stimuli and fast to anger or tear so they are excessively emotional. Therefore those who have high neuroticism is easily to feel threatened or being bad mood in a normal situation they easily get stress that cause them to become
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Significance of the Study The main goal of this study is to identify the relationship of emotional stability and academic performance to the senior high school students. The study is deemed beneficial to the following:
• Senior High School Students – For them to know that their emotions might affect academic performance.
• Aspiring Leaders – This study may serve as their guide to be a good leader and a follower.
• Parents – Their knowledge about the study would help their children to know the possible effects between emotional stability and academic performance.
• Future Researchers – This study would give them additional knowledge regarding the relationship between emotional stability and academic performance. The study might also guide them on their future studies.
• Professors, Guidance Councillors, and Psychologists – They could gather helpful information on the effects between emotional stability and academic performance to senior high school students. This study may also serve as a catalyst of programs and develop students’

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