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The frightening creature many call Big Foot takes on many names and thrives in some of the most remote places of the world. He is as old as the old stories and legends claim him to be, but evidence from the modern world have yet to capture him. Big Foot is known worldwide for terrorizing small local and secluded towns as it remains elusive in our back yard. This ape like being is a tall, hairy, and muscular creature that ranges from six to nine feet tall. and has a foul smell to go along with him. Sometimes he travels in packs that are considered family members, but in most cases you will only see one. Native American Tribes describe the “creature to be pure evil and is considered a bad omen.” It is said if this creature is ever confronted he will sometimes kidnap or attack humans and in some extreme cases eat them. The origin of Big Foot cannot be precisely procured due to the fact this creature is…show more content…
Each area this creature can possibly reside in has to have enough sustenance to feed a group of giant beasts and of course have a range of obstacles and hurdles to make it that much harder for anyone to find these monsters. Each region such as swaps mountains and forests have proven a great inconvenience for man. The bogy swaps that are nearly impenetrable to man and modern technology have proven to be difficult to do any kind of research. The mountains of North America and Himalayas appear to be the most secluded areas known to man. The high altitudes and extreme weather of mountain ranges have prevented many people to seek the creature in this region. The forest is where the most bigfoot hunters are more active but still find themselves in secluded areas and harsh environments. To be cut off from the rest of the world makes it that much worse for people to capture evidence of Bigfoot, therefore making it nearly impossible to claim this creature does in fact

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