Big Game Hunting: Unnecessary Killing

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If terrorism is wrong, why is big game trophy hunting right? Big game trophy hunting is the killing of animals for the fun of it and displaying it for others or themselves to see. Large animals are killed in the process of ‘show and tell’ and not given a second thought, after doing so. Big game hunting is unethical because it depletes animal populations and results in unnecessary death.
Trophy hunting has many proponents within. Studies show that hunted animals take the lives of smaller more feeble animals, otherwise known as their prey. This in turn is the basic interval to maintaining the natural order in the food chain. However, the wealthy few excessively hunt, thus renders their own reasoning moot.
For starters, the impulses from the clientele
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Observation and awareness is tested when an American dentist kills a famous lion called Cecil in the country of Zimbabwe, in turn sparking a public outrage. This celebrity lion’s death, beloved by the many of the native country, rightfully resulted in a communal resentment. This would be the equivalent to the people of the United States if the King had been assassinated. As an accommodation to that a man by the name of Steve West, a well-known hunting advocate who appears on a reality show on the Outdoors channel, receives money for doing horrific works, hunting. He ends the lives of living beings for the sake of television ratings, also showing a lack of morals, dignity or even a conscience. West disrespects the animal bodies after the killings, by just displays their lifeless bodies on live television for the world to see. Can we really call an activity as heinous as this taking the lives of innocent animals for no reason a sport?
Due to this, prices for slaughtering a lion has skyrocketed drastically to $50,000 because there are so few left. . Big game hunting is an uncouth act because it diminishes animal populations and brings about unwavering death. Terrorism needs to end and so does big game trophy
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