Big Goldfish Research Paper

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It seems not possible that the tiny little fry of goldfish can grow to a monster of nearly 2 feet long.

However, that is true.

The largest goldfish in captivity is in Netherlands. The size is about 19 inches.

There are some reports of people catching super big goldfish in Lake Tahoe.

The weight of these goldfish is about four pounds. The length of these goldfish is 18 inches on record.

There is a possibility that some goldfish are 2 feet long. So far nobody knows how many goldfish are in the lake.

It is not surprising that goldfish can grow very big. Goldfish belongs to the family of carps. Carps are known as big fish.

Many hobbyists do not have the space in their tank to let the goldfish grow to this size.

When a goldfish outgrows

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