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It’s that time of year---weekend warriors have purchased their brand new Big Green Egg Dallas and are ready to start grilling. In all of the excitement, don’t rush into steak grilling unprepared! Last time, we talked about whether or not you should bring your steak to room temperature before grilling or not. This time, we will explore an equally controversial subject---salting your steak immediately before grilling or in advance?
I’m sure you’ve heard arguments for both sides. Some chefs won’t grill without letting their ribeyes relax in the fridge overnight to soak in their favorite brine. Others won’t touch the steak until the moment before it goes on the grill. What’ the deal?
Big Green Egg Dallas: Let’s Talk About Salt
Two schools of thought dominate
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Hence the importance of that window of time---if you salt 30 minutes before you grill, you may dry your meat out!
The alternative to salting at least 45 minutes before grilling is to salt it immediately before you throw it on the Big Green Egg Dallas. By salting right before cooking, the salt doesn’t have the chance to draw moisture out of the meat, but it will still be absorbed by the meat during the cooking process.
Another quick tip: if you elect to salt immediately before grilling, make sure you towel your steak off before you salt it. Otherwise, you’ll end up wiping away the salt (duh).
What about other marinades?
Big Green Egg Dealer Dallas: The Bottom Line
Since both methods yield great results, we recommend trying both of them. It’s not really a risk---you may simply find that you prefer one method to the other. When you decide, let us know about your preference!
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