Big G's Pizza Terror Case Study

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Big G ' s pizza terror
One day, Big G realised how tasty pizza is; he wanted to make his own pizza.
Therefore, he asked Doraemon for a gadget to make his dream come true.
Doraemon used a gadget which was called the Pop-up Shop.
Big G was so happy and excited about being the Chef of the pizza-inn.
However, Big G had a weird taste on his gourmet pizza.
No one had the same rare weird taste as he did.
Big G forced Noby and Doraemon to delivery those toxic pizza to everyone 's house.
Everyone was trying to run and hide; Noby and Doraemon couldn 't get the job done.
At the end, Doraemon thought of using another gadget which is the Desire Detecto to help.
Big G finally found the customers who had the same
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Noby turns into a cat, and luckily he finds Doraemon on the way home.
Those crackers are actually one of Doraemon 's gadget which can turn human into animal for about 5 minutes.
Noby remember that he served Mr Simmons with these crackers, so they both quickly go home and see what happen.
Mr Simmon had eaten the rest of the crackers, so Noby and Doraemon are so worried.
Mr Simmon transforms into a horse, a pig, and a frog.
Fortunately, Mr Simmon seems not to remember any of these.
However, Noby 's mom was mad and furious while seeing both of them were messing around with her guest, Mr Simmons.
Noby and Doraemon are blaming each other outside the house, and at that moment Noby 's dad comes home from work.
And he says that he can handle Noby 's mom . . .

One day, Noby was at the playground with Big G and Sneezh, and they were playing a toy heliceptor.
Sneezh didn 't give the chance for Noby to play, but Noby wanted it so bad.
Therefore, he went home and ask Doraemon; Doreaemon used a gadget which is the deluxifier.
They deluxifier Noby 's toy heliceptor into a new model, and Noby was so happy about
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