The Importance Of Being Earnest Quote Analysis

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Jeren Yong
Mr. Todd
Language and Literature, Writing to Compare Satire
10 January 2018

“The Importance of Being Earnest” VS. “Big Kiss”

This play’s setting is in the Victorian society. Wilde is writing this play as a satire to emphasize the ridiculousness of the Victoria society. The author wants to say how stupid the people are; they only care about the social status of people. In fact, the people in “The Importance of Being Earnest” are not earnest at all. At the end of the play, three engagements were made in such a short time. They got together because their social status fits each other perfectly, and it’s not because of true love. The author thinks it is acceptable to be gay, although it betrayed the Victorian society. Marriage,
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He uses his words to hypnotize and confuse his reader. His words cover up his true intentions. He does this by presenting subtle hints to the readers. He quotes, “(He tries to rise; she restrains him)”. (Wilde, 991). This quote is showing that Jack stood up when Lady Bracknell entered the room, which can reveal that Jack is very nervous and lacks confidence. Wilde quotes, “Thank you, Lady Bracknell, I prefer standing.” (Wilde, 992). The author reveals that Jack is concerned and careful about all of his actions, especially when he is in a room with Lady Bracknell. If he was a person with extreme wealth and position in society, he would definitely have the confidence to sit down in a face-to-face conversation with Lady Bracknell. Wilde also quotes, “I was in a hand-bag—a somewhat large, black leather handbag, with handles to it—an ordinary hand-bag in fact.” (Wilde, 994). This is another hint that the author presents to the readers. Why must he describe his hand bag in such a detailed way? It is almost irrelevant given the conversation that he is having with Lady Bracknell. The author is revealing that Jack is a man that would not say a statement in straightforward manner, but instead hesitates and gives hints to people. Jack is indirectly telling Lady Bracknell that he was left in a hand bag that was in good condition, and not in some broken hand bag. He is stating that his family, even though he…show more content…
He used sarcasm to perfect his work of satire. He quotes, “I loved this work. I would be hard-pressed to recount any event from my personal or professional life that more accurately typified the phrase crazy fun.” (Alford, 999). I think that the author is using a very sarcastic way to say how ridiculously stupid his job is. He is just an extra that has big dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actor. Well, the fact is that becoming famous is nearly impossible to achieve. He does not like this job, but he loves the experience of going through what actors have to go through in order to get noticed by the director. This experience provided the author material for his journal, which can help him as a journalist. His sarcasm in his narration helps with his satire, and it provided more information to the
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