Big Little Lies Analysis

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Kowalski in the 21th century

The Golden Globe awarded ‘Big Little Lies’ certainly strucks its audience with a déja vu-like sensation as one encounters the lethal hunk Perry. Released in the year of #metoo, it addresses issues like domestic abuse, echoing the recent boost in western feminist sentiment. In the midst of all this excitement of female empowerment, it is important to salute those who made this progress possible in the first place. For one, Tennessee Williams’ portrait of the brutish Stanley Kowalski in the iconic play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ exposed the explicitly reality for many households, causing a lot of controversy at the time of its release. The resemblance between Stanley and Perry is striking with regards to the behavioural
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The male’s dominance is suddenly threatened and the automatic reaction is an animalistic outburst of fury. After feeling like his authority is being undermined by Blanche, Stanley becomes increasingly unstable and there is a clear build up. The frustration increases exponentially as he sees the change in Stella’s attitude towards him and Blanche’s influence grows stronger. The same goes for Perry when Celeste expresses concern or a need for something he cannot provide himself. He feels threatened by her friendships and the influence her friends could potentially have on her. What if they tell her to leave him? What if she listens to their…show more content…
Stanley is humiliated. His wife disrespects him in the company of his friends. His manhood is endangered. He must act. Fast. He strikes her without thinking twice. It’s an instinct rather than an active and thought through decision. The fear of losing his power, the fear of losing Stella, is far greater than the influence of his underdeveloped moral compass and what follows is a point-of-no-return. In a split second, the audience is exposed to the marriage’s destructive nature, similarly to the scene in episode 2 in which Perry physically abuses Celeste when feeling excluded from the raising of their twins. The perfect exterior is crushed and both men are suddenly seen in a very different light. There is no justification strong enough for
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