Big Mac Research Paper

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1. The Big Mac- The purpose of this assistive technology is a communication device. In using the Big Mac you are able to record up to 20 seconds. Children that have learning disabilities are very excited about using the communication device because you are able to connect pictures to words. The cost of the Big Mac is $129.00 and it can be purchased on

2. PalmTop3- The PalmTop3 is an Augmented Communication device used for students with learning disabilities for all ages. This assistive technology allows the student to communication by pushing buttons that represent communication configurations. The student will be able to connect unfamiliar words to pictures. The cost
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Virtual pencil- The Virtual Pencil is an assistive technology used to assist student who are unable to operate a writing device. The tool is used in reading text and answering questions. The device has two modes: test mode and tutorial mode. The student will be able to navigate around the text in order to answer questions. The cost of the Virtual Pencil is $199.00 and it can be purchased on website.
4. Jaws- JAWS is a screen reader program for computers. This assistive technology is good for students that are and learning disabilities and visually impaired. JAWS program is the only window-reading program that allows students to listen to the informational text and follow along. The cost of the JAWS Home Edition is $895.00 and it can be purchased on website.
5. Intellikey USB Alternative Keyboard – The Alternative Keyboard is used to students that have learning disability. The Keyboard comes already equipped with the larger keys on the keyboard. The Keyboard is able to plug into any computer device with out any special equipment needs. The cost of the Alternative Keyboard is $395.95 and it can be purchased on
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