Big Mac Vs Whopper Comparison Essay

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Big Mac vs. the Whopper It is a tale as old as time……... Both Burger King and McDonald have been going head to head with these two heavyweights but there are of course similarities, but also many differences. Taste: Burger King flame broils their burgers while McDonalds fries their burgers on a grill and then they go into a holding pan. This weakens the taste and is not as fresh. Burger King has a better tasting burger. Winner: Whopper Size: Burger King’s burger is 20% bigger than McDonalds Winner: Whopper Price: McDonalds is cheaper in this category but remember you are getting a smaller burger. The Whopper offers more burger, but the Big Mac is almost always a better deal. Both have promotions for B1G1F or coupons to lower the price Winner:…show more content…
Product Style and Design: When comparing a whopper to a Big Mac, it seems the Whopper is bigger in your hands but not as tall. I believe the Whopper is designed to allow the customer to take a bite easier based on the Whopper being smaller in height. The Whopper has better quality and also has fresh onions where the Big Mac has little onions chopped up. The Big Mac is messier to eat because the chopper lettuce and onions fall out all over the place. Winner: Whopper Service: McDonald is much faster in getting the food to us, but this is mainly due to the way they have their burgers pre-cooked and ready in the waiting bin. Basing counter service on just this area in Colorado Springs, I would say McDonalds offers better service. Winner: Big Mac Healthy: Neither burger is really healthy and high in calories. The Whopper does have a higher fat content. Both have lettuce, tomato, onion options. The Big Mac is 550 calories and the Whopper is 660 calories. Winner: Big Mac Availability: McDonalds has more location and have even gotten more aggressive by placing store within Wal-Mart and other big retailers. This allows the Big Mac to be easier to find. Winner: Big

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