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Chapter one in the book present prices and weights of grocery in the big market. Following answers on questions on pages 6-8. I) 1. The list of prices declared in the big market did not change during the summer of 1995 2. The price of olives oil exceeds the price of corn oil by five dollars. 3. Prices of course and fine bulgar are the same 4. Price of Spanish pine nuts is more than that of the Chinese pine nuts by four dollars. 5. Prices of lentils and crushed lentils are a little bit different 6. Price of dry okra is a little higher than the price of dry meloukhia 7. The difference between the price of chick peas and the price of fava dry beans is thirty cents 8. Arabic thin bread is more expensive than Arabic pita bread. 9. The price of…show more content…
The most expensive kind of middle eastern grocery in the big market is cardamom II) 1. The big market know in Arabic as “AL souk Alkabeer” sells both Arabic and American goods. The market is owned by Isa Brothers. Address: 421 Huron St. An Arbor, MI Phone: 662-4445 2. There are different kinds and prices we can get from the big market. Following some examples a. Seeds include lentils ($0.86/lb), dry beans($0.59/lb) , bulgar($0.49/lb) and chick peas ($0.89/lb) b. Plants or trees products include dry meloukhia (7.49/lb), zatar (3.45/lb) and wonder rice (8.49/lb) c. Animal products include eggs(1.29/doz) , labneh(4.99/lb), feta cheese(2.79/lb) 3. a. Jams: apricot jam, quince jam and fig jam b. Sweets: filo dough, kataifi and dates c. Spices: all spices, cinnamon sticks and turmeric d. Drinks: grape, orange and apple juice 4. Following are suggestions for foods that can be used for meals Breakfast: Labneh (cream of yogurt), eggs, zatar, feta cheese with Arabic Pita bread, orange and apple juice or Arabic coffee with cardamom added. Lunch: chick peas (cooked), stuffed grape leaves with wonder rice, Arabic Pita bread, pineapple juice. Dates Dinner: Arabic thin bread, Labneh, Feta cheese, Celyon tea and dried apricot
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