Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Analysis

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How Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor
Do you want a juicer that will supply you with the rich taste of fruts and vegetables, whle keeping the nutrients and antioxidant intact?Do you want to start that weight loss program, and you want a juicer that will supply you with your nutrient requirements?. Then look no further, the Hamilton Beach big mouth juice extractor is the answer to all your questions and so much more.

As a juicer that has enjoyed so many consumer reviews and positive feedback, The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor stands in a class of its own. This juicer has a wide feed chute for faster juicing, and runs on a powerful 800 watt motor that extracts the most out of your fruits and vegetables. A large pulp container
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It has been described by many as having a chain-saw sound. The fast operation of this juicer, however compensates for the loud noise. Within few minutes, you are through with your juicing, and you won't have to endure the noise for long.

Q: can you make smoothie with this?
A: You can't makea smoothie with this appliance. It can only extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. However, you can make a smoothie by blending the juice with crushed ice.

Q: Is the function limited only to fruits and vegetables?
A : Not at all, the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is excellent at juicing soya beans and almond. However, it must be soaked in water for 24 - 48hours. One of cup of rice, soybean, and almond is soaked in 4 cups of water and placed in a refrigerator. Additionally, soybean can be boiled a bit to release the flavors.

Q: Does it have a manufacturer warranty?
A: There's a 1 year limited warranty for product purchased in the US and Canada. Some defects will be repaired or replaced, but the owner is responsible for all the costs incurred by returning it to the manufacturer.

Q: The current supply for my country is 240 volts, can this juicer work with a 240 volt electrical

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