Big Old Squash In The Menominee Tribe

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In 2008, archaeologists spent a lot of time digging around the First Nation 's Menominee Reservation, which is located in Wisconsin. They discovered a small pot with seeds inside of it. The archaeologists did not think much of the pot at first. However, they soon discovered that the pot was 800 years-old. They also discovered that the seeds gave an insight into the spirit, culture and food of people who lived hundreds of years ago. That is why a group of students in Winnepeg decided they were going to grow the seeds.

The seeds were from a type of squash, which was extinct. The students were able to bring this squash back to life by growing the seeds. The students are eager to let the rest of the world know about the squash. However, they are being cautious because they do not want the squash to become extinct again.
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Sprouts started growing, and they eventually turned into giant squash. This type of squash is known as Gete-okosomin, which translates to "Big Old Squash" in the Menominee language. It is possible that this ancient squash may be on store shelves in a few

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