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Joe Wholey
Ms. Parent
Freshman English - Blue Day Block 2
20 October 2017
Summer Reading Essay The novel Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits by David Ortiz, shows that David Ortiz relied on friends, family, and teammates to help him get through hard times. David Ortiz is a man from the Dominican that came to America to play baseball. David Ortiz is now a three-time Red Sox World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox. Love and friendship as it is shown in Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits, is when David talks about the bond between all Dominicans in the game of baseball. The message of love and friendship between teammates is shown in many ways from the perspective of David Ortiz within the quote:
“In major-league baseball, especially, there is a kinship among Dominican Players. [Pedro] Martinez might play for the New York Mets and Ortiz for the Red Sox, and Albert Pujols might play for the St. Louis Cardinals. But they are all Dominicans first. The bond is difficult for many major-league players to fully understand, save those rare major leaguers who have forged careers in foreign countries like, for instance, Japan” (Ortiz 43).
Although baseball is a competitive sport, players tend to form strong friendships with their
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David Ortiz, the three-time Red Sox World Series Champion wrote the novel about love and friendship to show others that even though you might be different you will always find love and friendship no matter what you play, where you work, or what you do. Love and friendship are very important in all aspects of your life from elementary school to high school, college, and beyond. The more friendships you have, the better your future will be. David Ortiz made a lot of friendships through his career that helped him get through uphills and
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