Big Pharma Conspiracy Theories

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There is a lot of conspiracies surrounding the humanity. People love stories and even more controversies. Some of the conspiracies are closer to reality then others. Lets see three of them that you will not be able to forget. Big Pharma Have you ever heard of Big Pharma? One of the most shocking controversy concerns one of the biggest economic industry in the world. Pharmaceutical compagnies are apparently willing to do everything for money, even risking people’s life. They have been accused to invent illness and create the treatments to increase the demand of medications. One of the recent example is the H1N1. Likely, they created the vaccine way before the illness appears. Just this simple disease generated billion dollars of profit. The pharmaceutical industry is working with the government to keep the monopoly. This conspiracy came from journalist and…show more content…
Conspiracy theories are persisting and some investigations are going on, despite so many years. Diana Spencer found death in a car accident, in Paris, the summer of 1997. Her family believed that she will have been assassinated by a member of the British royal family. Furthermore, its claimed that Diana would have written a letter 10 months before her death saying that she was in danger. Mohammed Al-Fayed, the father of Diana’s husband climbed that she was murdered due to her upcoming marriage with a Muslim. Plus, she was possibly pregnant. Investigators concluded that the accident was caused by the driver who was drunk. He was driven way over the speed limit. The British government closed all investigation on that. I think the conspiracy might be true. The British family holds all the power and could easily ordered the murder of the couple. Nothing have been really dismissed the conspiracy and Diana’s death was after all in their best interest. She was a feminist implied in different causes at and she never bothered to defend her
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