Performance Efficiency In Schools Essay

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Ruel S. Nepuscua


The study delved on the performance efficiency enhancement of the big schools using School Web-Based Management System. The study determined the perceptions of the teachers and personnel on the level of availability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the computer facilities; level of readiness of various computer operations; performance efficiency of the personnel in producing form 137; performance efficiency of the big schools using school web-based management system; level of usability and acceptability. The descriptive developmental method of research was used in this study. Findings showed that the computer
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It anchors deeply on the concept of Management and Technological theories informed by views drawn from Efficiency Theory, concept of Total Quality Management, Socio-Technical Systems Theory, Cognitive Fit Theory, Technology Acceptance Model, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, Task Technology fit and – all of which provide the contributions for the conduct of this research.

Efficiency Theory is used by the economists in different contexts to support this study. Allocative (price) efficiency tells whether or not a good or service is provided, technical (production) efficiency is concerned whether or not a firm or decision making unit (DMU) produces the same observed output at the least possible cost (Galban, 2010). Moreover, Accessible efficiency refers to the number of electronic materials in providing services to the customers. When the allocative, technical, and accessible efficiency of an institution is combined, productive or total performance efficiency is achieved (Archer,
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Socio-Technical Theory describes the complex relationships between society, function, and technology, and helps regulate how these can be used to convenience (Cooper, Gencturk & Lindley, 1996).

Cognitive Fit Theory was introduced by Vessey in 1991 to explain the inconsistent results of successive studies in the area of information presentation using graphs and tables. Moreover, the main point of this theory is information acquisition and information assessment errands and absolutely made up the information presentation (Zhang & Galleta, 2006). Hence, School Web-based Management System uses the best presentation to show the information of the database of the system.

Technology Acceptance Model recognized practicality and ease of use to determine an individual 's intention to use the system. This is a long process done by the programmer to satisfy the need of the users. Utilization of the School Web-based Management System is required to test the performance to maintain the quality assurance of the system and the

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