Big Shot Superhero Research Paper

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A typical day for a big-shot superhero includes rescuing a cat from a tree to saving the city from an alien invasion. I, however, am not one of those superheroes. I can’t fly into a tree to rescue a cat or shoot lasers out of my eyes to stop aliens from invading Earth, but I can help people with their homework or give advice to those who need it. I can provide the same aid and support that superheroes can, thus making me a real life superhero. Except that I don’t wear spandex. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with supernatural powers at birth nor I did not fall into a batch of toxic waste in my youth, but over time I did evolve into a reliable guardian of the world. Well, as of now, only of Palm Desert. This need to help others developed after…show more content…
I grew up learning Spanish as my first language because that was my parents’ native language. I had to learn English in school and practice at home, but it was difficult when my parents could not help me. Therefore, I mostly kept to myself and puzzled over words that I simply did not understand. My parents understood that I was having a tough time in school because of my lack of communication skills and decided to place me into the English Language Development program in my elementary school so that I would not get behind the other students. This program appointed me to a counselor who would check my progress in class on a weekly basis. This gave me the opportunity to ask questions regarding any subject in school. My personal counselor not only helped me to learn English, but she also helped me to become more confident in myself. She challenged me to try new things in school and to make new friends. She never doubted my abilities to succeed in school and constantly supported me. I decided I wanted to help others as my language counselor had helped me and that lead to my decision to become a real life
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