Big Sisters Research Paper

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When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to have a caring heart for the people I love. She encouraged me to volunteer to help my grandparents around their home emptying the dishwasher, picking up brush in the yard, folding the clothes, and helping with supper and the mountain of dishes that followed. I never realized how important this act of kindness would shape my life the way it has. I have always had a great desire to work with children; through experience, I know that I have an abundance of dedication and desire to guide a child in the way a mentor would to shape their life. By volunteering for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, a nonprofit organization, I will have the opportunity to pair with a child in hopes of reaching out…show more content…
Not only can it increase my passion for working with children, but it can also demonstrate to me how to prepare myself to be a mother and open my eyes to new things. As much as a mentor can leave a lasting impression and impact on the life of his or her child, a child can also impact the life of a mentor. Correspondent Kate Snow, a fellow “big”, while discussing her relationship with her “little” and the impact it has made in her own life, once said, “there are certain relationships that just open your eyes; as much as I’ve maybe opened her eyes to things she never would have seen, she’s opened my eyes to things I never would have seen” (Snow 2). Mentoring, in my opinion, is not only something that makes college applications or future resumes look prettier; mentoring can hold a special place in each participant’s heart. Snow stated later in the same interview, “Having the ability to mentor someone is a feeling you don’t get any other way. There is something about helping someone, knowing that you’re helping guide someone else that’s indescribable. It’s humbling and it’s also rewarding” (Snow 2). Knowing that I can make a difference in the life of a “little” means the world to me; seeing her improve her life and succeed could only give me even more motivation to spread my guidance and dedication and to reach out to other kids in need of a healthy, stable
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