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Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many mysteries and legends of mythological beasts. One of those is the legend of the Bigfoot. From Indians telling tales to
Australians in the outback, the legend of Bigfoot has made its way around the world. Such legends of the mythical beast make people start to ponder on the idea that the legend may be true. Numerous groups of people around the world believe that the sasquatch could be alive and well today. This researcher believes that Bigfoot is real, and it has been hiding for centuries.
Among the people who believe in the beast, there are scientists who present statistical and real life evidence. This evidence is basically shows that the “proof is in the pudding”. There are also many origins and legends that
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Origins and legends around the world aid in the way people see Bigfoot and their beliefs about the mythological creature.
In an article from BFRO (The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization), legends are told of the Bigfoot. The Indians from centuries ago regarded Bigfoot as a being superior to both humans and animals. Due to the fact that the sasquatch is over eight foot tall and walks upright, he is considered a giant. The indians of North America also thought of the sasquatch as a spirit animal that glides through the forest with its long legs. Early explorers along with Christopher
Columbus claimed to have seen the beast in plain sight. For such a respected explorer to claim the existence of Bigfoot, this leads many to believe the legends to be true. Another theory that indians believe about the legendary bigfoot is that the beast has psychic abilities and can see when people are coming. This may explain why the creature is rarely sighted. This legend of bigfoot from the indians helps establish a basis for what the beast looks like and how it behaves

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