Bigfoot Is Fake Essay

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ou’re walking through the woods, you hear a crackle of leaves and twigs behind as you turn around to try and video this mysterious creature, as it darts off into the woods without a trace. This “mysterious” creature is bigfoot, or a sasquatch. These are the reasons I believe bigfoot is fake. Alone, thousands believe bigfoot is fake. The Baylor Religion Survey taken in 2007 came out as only 16% saying he absolutely is real, 44% says he’s probably not real, and 40% says an absolute no,( Tracking the Belief of Bigfoot) and those 84% of people wouldn’t be wrong by thinking so. Here are some more reasons why many people believe he’s not real. Many species each year are discovered, and most, are microorganisms and tiny insects. There are thousands of normal people looking for Bigfoot all the time, there are clubs dedicated to looking for him, even T.V. shows. No one has ever found the 10 foot tall ape-man in the wild with proper evidence. The last time we discovered a species half as big as bigfoot was the giant panda a 100 years ago. There isn 't a possible way something so big could hide from the such a populated world. Another big reason why bigfoot is fake is because the most common form of evidence is by far video or eyewitness reports. This is a very unreliable type of evidence, ether in the video, "Bigfoot" can be…show more content…
Many people do still believe in bigfoot even after the the outlying truths, but the main counter-argument to bigfoot is the Patterson-Gimlin footage in 1967.Many say this is the most “realistic” video ever taken, but even said by T.V. show host of finding bigfoot, investigator, and researcher Matt Moneymaker says that there are rumors surrounding the Patterson-Gimlin video saying that “the people who helped obtain the footage "confessed" to wearing the costume”(Moneymaker)There are also multiple different stories claiming that they were the ones behind the mask. That helps prove my point that bigfoot is fake, and strengthening my opinion on

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