Bigger, Stronger, Faster By Christopher Bell: Film Analysis

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Everyone needs a superhero, someone to be inspired by, or to want to be like that certain individual. Bigger, Stronger, Faster is a documentary directed by Christopher Bell that presents the widespread use of steroids in sports as a sign of winning at whatever cost it takes to be better. The Bell brothers have been drawn into perceiving that performance enhancing drugs is the way to realizing the American Dream. This documentary demonstrates various interviews with coaches, politicians, doctors, and bodybuilders. Bigger, Stronger, Faster informs people the use of steroids and issues of taking steroids. The Bell brothers dreamed of becoming professional wrestlers so they started training and wrestling with each other. The Bell brothers…show more content…
The film makes me feel upset on how America sets up such high standards on people to become better, yet when someone goes out on taking steroids it’s cheating and congress makes a big deal on something that doesn’t seem like a big problem. I learned that we are exposed to so many other things that are much more harmful than steroids. I think that steroids is bad to take, but there is others things that are bad as well. One thing that I just don’t seem to understand is why is using steroids considered cheating in sports because its competition, but in other things like performing in front of people playing instruments isn’t. Watching this Documentary makes me see the world different because we are based on lies and it’s not just on sports, but on everything in life. Not everything we take like drugs is good. Everything has it’s side effects and it’s on us to take the risk. If someone chooses to take steroids is at their own risk and I think that people shouldn’t judge an individual because not everything in life is based on truth. We should focus more on the bigger problems that are out in the
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