Biggest Loser Diet Analysis

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In the beginning, the biggest loser diet seemed to be one of the better fad diets to choose from because of all the publicity that comes from the success of the contestants on the TV show. However, after analyzing what the diet looks like on the nutrient level, there is room for improvements. Based on the needs of a 20 year old female who weighs 195 lbs, the diet fell short. This meal plan only contained 1401 calories, so there are 600 calories that can potentially be added to the diet. This diet met the recommendations for vegetable, fruit, and protein. It was a little short for dairy at 2 ½ cups consumed of the 3 that are recommended. The nutrients that the Biggest Loser Diets lacks most in are grains, and iron. These were the nutrients …show more content…

There are some things that would have to be changed in order to make the diet sustainable over a longer period of time. The biggest change that would need to be made, especially for women, is an increase in the amount of iron that the meal plan provides. Iron is a very important nutrient and over time this depletion in iron levels would begin to cause serious health problems. When people are trying to lose weight, they tend to cut out carbohydrates. This is fine, but whole grains are still required for a healthy diet. A person on this diet long term would have to find ways to add whole grains to their diet. If these changes were not made over time then participants would start to experience the effects of anemia from the iron depletion. This is a diet that I would recommend to someone who is trying to lose weight in a healthy way. It was only deficient in a few nutrients based on one meal plan, so there is potential for other meal plans to pick up the slack where this one fell short. I would make sure that the person I advised to go on this diet was aware of the potential deficiencies so that they could make educated decisions when studying the meal plans and changing them to fit their life style. After researching this fad diet, I have decided that this is one fad diet that has potential to be sustainable over a long period of time as long as participants are aware of the nutrients they are actually getting from their

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