Biggest Train In 1964: The Japan Bullet Train

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The Japan Bullet Train in 1964 The Bullet Train was the best train ever made in Japan. It is much better and smoother than the American AMTrak. The Bullet Train has never fallen off the track or has never been in a train wreck. If people want to learn how to make the Bullet Train again, they should go to Japan and ask how to make it. Wouldn't you like to ride in a safer train? The time it takes to ride on the Bullet Train would be quick and save time and money for people. More people would be willing to take the train instead of planes or cars if they knew how efficient it was to ride. Less People Have Died on the Bullet Train than AMTrak First, in 21 years(between 1990 and 2011) the Bureau of Transportation Statistics show that over 900,000…show more content…
Californiaś San Francisco-to-LA line is due to be completed in 2028. Which is unfortunately still a long time off- but that gives cities along the way, time to build neighborhoods and transit around their stations. If they do, it will be more than just good for the environment, but good for their economies too. If America would look at other countries that already have the Bullet Train in operation, like Spain, France, Japan, many European countries, Asian countries we would be able to get the trains in operation faster, and with their help, get them nationwide. Why I Think the Bullet Train is Important I think that the Bullet Train is important because itś safer because it has never been in a train wreck or fallen off the track. This makes it so nothing happens to the passengers like death or serious injury. It is shown that there has been no passengers that have died and itś much better for transportation. I also believe that America needs to explore other options for travel and move away from fossil fuels. The Bullet Train could meet these requirements and help people get around the country much faster and
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