Biggie Murder Case Study

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The Murder Trial of Biggie Smalls Rathbone, William Unit 7 Assignment CJ 101

Wallace Biggie was one of the most powerful rappers before getting murdered in drive by shooting in March of 1997. At time he was killed the police had many theories of why he got murdered on that day. The police had multiple suspects about who did it but wasn’t sure of who or why they murdered Biggie Smalls. On that day Biggie was on his way to the hotel from the music party. When his SUV came up to the stop light, he could hear someone call his name, so he rolled his back window down to see who that’s when he was shot multiple times in the torso and then the suspects drove away from the murder. When the police started their investigation, they found that multiple cars where involved in the murder of Wallace Biggie Smalls. They found that Sean Combs was in the front car. While Biggies friends James and Caesar was in the car with him. They only witnesses were his friends James and Caesar they could provide the best description of the shooter. That’s when they told the police that2 cars where involved in the murder. The defense side of the case are the people from the records company they would be the people who went to the party that

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