Bigotry And Sexism

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The research here would try to recognize any fine lines between bigotry and sexism and highlights the consequences that follows a practicing sexist bigot. Through analyzing various crimes and deviances, we will try to figure the connection between prejudice and discrimination.

What is Bigotry and Sexism?
Bigotry is intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.(Google, 2016).It is also stated that the word "bigot" refers to a prejudiced, closed-minded person who is intolerant or hateful toward people of a different group, especially racial or religious.(Wikipedia, 2016).Words like ‘prejudice’, ‘biasness’ etc. come under the domains of Bigotry. The fact that they are intolerant towards people of different groups brings
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Looking at the instances of crimes against women in Pakistan some of the extrinsic factors that result in violence is the fact that Pakistan is a patriarchal society where male dominance is repeatedly mentioned as a cause for the domestic violence (Heise, 1998).It is this very violence that is being analyzed in order to define the relation between sexism and bigotry. The reason for choosing bigotry and how it may or may not be related to sexism is because how they are so similar in their definations.Where a sexist is someone who clearly despises an entire gender race and a bigot is someone who exhibits intolerance towards a group with ideologies and opinions different from oneself, these very definitions lead me into finding the non-existent relationship between the both of them. For someone discriminating the entire female population, is there not a possibility for that very person to tag his decisions as the best and deject those (especially coming from women) that say…show more content…
Expectations of roles within a culture may also support a sexist bigot; where generally males are expected to be masculine and females more feminine resulting in male possessing greater power and females being considered as the weaker sex. (Emerson Dobash, Russel P.Dobash ,1992) The distribution of power and role allocations allows men to be sexist and bigoted at the same time and impose these behavioral changes on women in the form of sexual and domestic
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