Bigotry In American Culture

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The term "Cotton Picking" is derogatory in nature, referring to African American slaves and their frustration at their plight.
Jack Daniel (creator of Jack Daniel’s whiskey) learned how to make whiskey from a slave named Nathan Green.

Listed below are ten examples of Bigotry in American culture. Examples are included for American Life, Institutions and Culture. Several of the examples originate from the 19th century and the majority of them are still in existence today.

Cotton Picking:The phrases “cotton picking” and “cotton picker” are both derogatory in nature, referring to Southerners in general and African American slaves in particular in reference to picking cotton for plantation owners during the slave
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The cartoon character was intended to be funny, swarthy character, but was found to be offensive due to the portrayal of the character as a bandit carrying a pistol, sporting a gold tooth and speaking with a Mexican accent. The Mexican-American Anti-Defamation Committee sited the offensiveness of this image, campaigning against Frito-Lay until they removed the character in 1971.

Land O’ Lakes Butter:In 1928, Land O’ Lakes adopted the Image of an Indian maiden as their official mascot, an image that we have all come to know. The image portrays the iconic representation of an Indian maiden with long braids, a headdress and a lot of beads. Recently, the image has been called stereotypical based on not only the typical portrayal of the maiden’s garments, but also because of her serene expression. It is felt that this expression belittles the suffering that indigenous peoples experienced at the hands of foreigners who invaded their land.

Cream of Wheat:Rastus, the famous icon seen on Cream of Wheat packaging is still in use today. Created in 1921, Rastus was portrayed as an uneducated, subservient black man and was sported holding up a sign stating “Maybe Cream of Wheat ain 't got no vitamins. I don 't know what them things is. If they’s bugs they ain 't none in Cream of
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Many craft products which are portrayed as belonging to a family tradition or a signature process or recipe can actually trace their true roots to African American creators. Whiskey, which is considered a Caucasian affair, actually can be traced to African American men and is just one example of craft culture. Jack Daniel (creator of Jack Daniel’s whiskey) learned how to make whiskey from a slave named Nathan Green. Green was considered one of the best whiskey distillers of his time, and Jack Daniel actually hires two of Green’s sons when he later opened a distillery of his
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