Bigotry In HB 1523

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HB 1523 is discriminatory in that it singles out a select group of people, and it is contradictory to claims that it protects the religious rights of Christians. The only religious right of a Christian is to love God and his fellow man, and HB 1523 protects neither of those rights. The bill is little more than a cynical and biased shell game perpetuated by selective beliefs that are anything but Christian. The very idea that such a bill could surface in what a growing number of Mississippians were beginning to hope and believe was an enlightened 21st Century shows cynicism and bigotry in the religious ranks and state legislature is alive and well in the state. If HB 1523 was truly intended to protect the religious rights of Christians against being forced to do business with sinners, why didn’t the Mississippi legislature include adultery,…show more content…
The supporters of this bill are not bad or evil people; they simply dance a full beat off center, fearful of the changing world around them. They live in a continuous state of self-flagellation of their human condition powerless to reason beyond their inherited convictions of what is right and wrong. They stand upon the soap box of fanatical righteousness married to selective beliefs that are nurtured by an astute conviction that happiness can only be found by embracing the darkness and death. All too often, they cannot be reasoned with, and in fact, it can be extremely dangerous to try. They embrace their phobias as a covetous crusade for their definition of the norm which often disqualifies their understanding of reasonable discourse. Their belief system is frequently fragmented and soft core, leaving them prone to lash out angrily even violently when cornered, at a loss, confused, or contradicted. They live in constant fear they will become irrelevant, and out of this fear they helplessly usher in their own
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