Bigotry In The Hunger Games

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Suzanne Collins novel, The Hunger Games should be added to the ninth grade curriculum. The theme corresponds to the novels that are required by the end of the semester. The Hunger Games explores the theme of the inequality of the rich and the poor and the firmness of the Districts to assure everyone will survive. The novel also represents the devastation the characters experience as the population decreases rapidly. The Hunger Games comprehends themes such as Bigotry, Persecution of innocence, and Self reliance. As incoming ninth graders read The Hunger Games, they will understand the importance of self dependence and how everyone is not guaranteed equal rights. The Hunger Games is not extremely related to the other novels that are already…show more content…
She does not tolerate the attitude that Katniss Everdeen has when she is chosen to represent District 12 in The Hunger Games. Katniss tries to speak her mind and share her opinion on The Games but Effie Trinket shuts all ideas down and does not accept anything Katniss proposes. On page 132, Effie says to Katniss, “You realize your actions reflect badly on all of us, not just you.” This represents bigotry because Katniss did not want to be a representative for District 12. Not wanting to compete in The Hunger Games made Katniss have a disrespectful attitude that Effie Trinket did not have any sympathy for. Katniss also believed that the games were an unnecessary event and the districts should not continue supporting it. Effie disagrees with her beliefs towards the games and forced her to compete. Bigotry is also present in the novel, Ender's Game. Bean, the main character does not want to be seen as a murderer or have other people dislike him for what he is being forced to do. On page 108, Ender says to another character Dink, “It’s the teachers, they’re the enemy. They get us to fight each other, to hate each other. The game is everything. Win win win. It amounts to nothing.” This shows bigotry because the teachers believe it is okay for the students to fight while the students have no other choice but to fight even if they do not want
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