Bigotry: The Role Of Racial Discrimination In Our Society

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Our society has came far from eliminating racial discrimination and bigotry. Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less than another person in a similar situation because of their race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. And bigotry is the intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Today people still face racial discrimination.

People back then had to go through racial discrimination. In the 1800´s black people were used as slaves. Meaning the were bought and sold for working purposes. The slaves were not treated with respect, they were beaten and whipped by their masters if they were to do something wrong or if they were to disobey commands. After the Civil War black people
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Having small eyes would people automatically assuming you are Chinese or Asian. Young black boys are assumed to be aggressive, dangerous and up to no good. This is an example of stereotype black people go through. White people are always assumed to be rich. Blonde girls are assumed to be dumb. Muslim people who grow beard are assumed to be terrorists because of what happened during 9/11. These are some stereotypes of different groups of people.

Some things about racism have changed for the better. There are organizations and laws that have been formed to work against racial discrimination. These organizations and laws include; The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Human Rights legislation, and hate laws. I know it is impossible to entirely stop racial discrimination but some improvements are possible.

We have come a long way from a lot of racial discrimination. And we can go farther with the help of the people to stop assuming black people are up to no good, assuming Asians are smart, or that Muslims with beards are terrorists. Just because someone is a certain color or race don´t mean they are bad people. We should treat everybody
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