Bic Single-Edge Razor Case Analysis

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Over the years BIC has developed an image of providing people with cheap, or affordable, single-blade razors. An increasing number of men are looking for a high-quality razor that coincides with a more mature presentation, so they are overlooking BIC razors. BIC wanted to come up with a way to grab the attention of these men and show them that their products had more to offer. The target audience for this campaign is millennial men ages 18-34 who are looking for a cleaner look. A key factor that BIC failed to research was different skin and hair types of the men they were targeting. They didn't take into account people with sensitive skin, or thick, coarse facial hair. They generalized the new razor and marketed it as working well for everyone. This lack in research and proper marketing techniques decreased the credibility of their campaign.


" Audience Identification - o Millennial Men ages 18-34. o Men who no longer wanted to look sloppy. o Men who sensitive to price.
" Client Analysis
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Smooth price." They also incorporated the name of the campaign itself, "Smooth up" to tell men that "it's time to smooth up." The theme of this campaign was growing up and becoming more mature. Their advertisements for this campaign revolved around looking sleeker by shaving with this razor. The razor was featured in several comedic clips created by Logan Paul that portrayed him as a slob with a beard that everyone was disgusted by. After he shaved, he was taken more seriously, and girls were attracted to him. These advertisements were intended to demonstrate how you are not the same person you before and after you shave. They created the hashtag, #SmoothUp, and used it along with images and GIFs to tell men why it was time to "smooth up." They also used, #SmoothUpTips, along with witty comments to tell men how to live a smoother life. The key messages were not explicitly stated, just implied, so here are some

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