Mountain Bike Essay

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There are many types of bikes to choose from. If you’re just new at cycling, knowing your purpose in buying a bike (whether to use it for commuting to work, for biking on terrains, for racing, etc.) is imperative in selecting a bike that suits you and your needs. Bikes differ in wheel size (diameter), tire type, saddle/seat type, handle, frame size, and weight—depending on the rider’s body type and activity the bike will be used for. Familiarity with at least the most common bike types will be a great deal of help in knowing what you want. One of the most common types of bike is the Mountain Bike. Mountain bikes are great for cycling on dirt or on natural terrains. Mountain bikes are built to protect your body from the impact shocks from riding on bumpy surfaces. They are not as fast as road bikes, but are also good for cycling on pavements since it has shock absorbing…show more content…
They are suitable for seasoned cyclists as well as beginners. Road bikes are designed for cycling on roadways, asphalt roads, or pavements. They are lighter and faster than mountain bikes. It is vital to finding the bike that fits you. Using bikes that don’t fit is uncomfortable and may lead to unnecessary muscle pains. There are two road bike variations: flat bar handlebars and drop bar handlebars. Flat bar handlebars are designed for a relaxed posture while cycling. It is also ideal if your aim is to use it for commuting or casual exercise as it makes the rider more visible to other motorists since the seat is designed to hold upright-sitting position. This seating position also makes the cyclist more aware of the road ahead since they can have a wider field of vision. Drop bar handlebars are faster than flat bar handlebars and better for activities that require more speed. Drop bar handlebars are also lightweight and allow the rider to change their upper body position while
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