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The 2013 National Labor Force Survey says 87 percent or 37.917 million Filipinos choose bicycle as mode of transportation (Pagdilao, 2015). Because of this, road accidents reported involved bicyclists as stated last 2011, 37 percent or 6,946 of the 17,575 were killed in the country’s road (Pagdilao, 2015). Safety is the main issue when providing bicycle lanes because putting a line on the road and and designate it as a bike lane are not enough, it has to be separated by barriers (Pagdilao. 2015). A fenced bike lane is good but a different road for them is even better. That’s why decent bike lanes should be provided in every city of Metro Manila because of the House Bill No. 1836 and Bicycle Act of 2015 to reduce traffic and to assure the safety of the bicyclists.…show more content…
Some of the bike lanes here in Metro Manila include EDSA and Marikina bike lane. The EDSA bike lane was opened in 2013. Part of this is the 1 kilometer bike lane and bike sharing system that stretches from Magallanes to Ayala Avenue. This isn’t the only bike lane along EDSA. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is planning to put up a bike lane between Camp Aguinaldo and Santolan (Tolentino, 2014). The other one is in Marikina, dubbed as the biking capital of the Philippines (Mangunay, 2011). This bike lane was opened in 2003. It was refurbished in 2011 for the launching of the city’s “Make it Marikina! Year 2012” (Mangunay, 2011). This undertaking will encourage more Marikeños to use bicycles instead of motorized vehicles especially when going to work, school and when just moving around the city (Mayor De Guzman, 2011). In other words, these bike lanes serve as a good example of what a bike lane should

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