The Importance Of Bike Paths In Miami

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Bike Paths in Miami Are Unsafe Miami lately is a city that has been very interested in being part of the leading cities in caring for the environment and intelligently contributing to its progress. That is why lately we have been listening to proposals such as the construction of bike paths to lower the level of consumption of public transportation and thus eliminate the pollution generated by the gases from vehicles to the environment and at the same time increase the level of awareness in people to have an exercise routine and improve health by lowering the percentages of obesity in the country. However, while Miami may have good initiative in coming up with ideas to improve people 's well-being and the environment, it is difficult to…show more content…
We all feel the effects of the change in nature in a certain way and in many cases we ignore many of the ways in which we can improve our daily lives to greatly reduce global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer. When we look closely at the subject, humans are animals of habit and we don 't see the damage in the future only when we are already feeling the effects directly, that is why, making the decision to change a habit, as important as changing your car for a bicycle to go to work is so difficult.
A cycling activist Eli Stiers often meets with officials to push for improvements to Miami 's cycling infrastructure. He says, "We have to create an environment where people expect to see cyclists and pedestrians here, because they still don 't." (Miami New Times, 2016). Here is where the government must begin to create campaigns to change the regular commute routes for bike paths and in that way, become them so normal in our city where finally create us the habit to use bicycles as a means of transport and leave aside the cars. Cooney, Catherine M. (2010) suggest
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It is exactly this positive outlook, combined with the localization of global warming, that has been missing from the public dialogue on climate change, climate communication experts say (16).
In order to better understand how we can overcome the challenges of improve the bike paths, it is necessary to understand that everything described in this article is a mere explanation of how to have a safe bike paths is not just a simply trivial arguments, but in fact it becomes a serious part of a series of benefits where they would bring new ideas to a city that is in the process of innovating in terms of environmental and health care

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