Bikers Persuasive Speech

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Bikers are strange. They are tough, scary, and sometimes a little crazy, but coming from one, I can tell you: they are crazy in a completely sane way. Bikers are brothers, complete strangers can become best friends overnight with only the commonality of riding. Your background, your history, your beliefs, none of it matters to them. What really matters to them is whether or not you ride. I am not referring to one of the many biker gangs out there, which terrorize the community, and have left an ugly stain on the reputation of bikers. I am referring to anyone who rides, it could be Mary Sue who rides her little scooter to Sunday pottery class, or Big John who rides his “Hog” like a bat out of hell- among all of us, for inexplicable reasons,…show more content…
You could have an Indian machinist from Portugal riding next to a Scottish man who helped invent the Rolodex during his tenure at Ohio University. It is amazing how diverse the motorcycling community is. Some argue a good community is composed solely of similar people, but I disagree. I believe having a group full of people from all different kinds of backgrounds enhances the experience and ultimately improves the group. Diversity in the motorcycle community has had extraordinary results. For example, bigotry and discrimination is put aside for the most part. I cannot say it is gone completely, hell I have personally met a group of Nazi-skinhead-bikers, but I definitely can say it is much less prominent with bikers. This is fantastic for everyone, at its least it is a discomfort and at its greatest an injustice, and not having to deal with it is- to put it lightly- pretty nice. Discrimination is also significantly harder because it is difficult to identify someone’s race underneath their helmet and jacket. The biker community is also vastly diverse in the types of people present. It is not like some groups where you only attract one type of person, like how painters are only “creative types”, or how engineers live by logic and logic alone, the motorcycling community attracts a wide array of people. Need a machinist to make a part for you? Your biker friend Joseph knows a guy who has a shop five miles away. You need to…show more content…
How can it not be considering the fact a guy chose a motorcycle over his own sex life? It is the reason so many of us are into it. It may be dangerous, but many would argue a life without it is just as dangerous. You cannot live life sheltered away, you have to be out there doing it- living. In addition to the incredible experience it will give you, there are great benefits to riding. You are almost instantly inducted into the biker community, you get a vast array of connections, bigotry is at an all-time minimum, there is a strong sense of kinship, and you also get the instant “cool factor” from being a biker. It is a community you can connect to anywhere in the world. A biker in The States is a biker in anywhere else in the world, because the biker community is one that is worldwide. It is a welcoming and friendly community- once you get past the sometimes rough exteriors, and greatest of all, it is a community which will positively impact your
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