Bilbo Baggins Analysis

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Humans are very fond of new ideas; whether it’s innovative technology or a popular fashion trend, we can all agree that repetition is bland and uninteresting. Although this is the case for most things, storytelling is quite the opposite.In fact, for one reson or another the classic tale of a hero’s journey is one we never get tired of, despite hearing it for centuries on end. As laid out by the american mythologist joseph campbell the usual adventure of a hero starts with them being called to an adventure by something or someone. The hero then sets off on a road of trials and faces many grave dangers. Ultimately he is faced with the greatest form of evil which he must defeat: the shadow. Even though the external battle is what often keeps…show more content…
For example in the hobbit our protagonist bilbo baggins has a mixed heritage.On the one hand he is a comfort-loving well mannered Baggins.While on the other hand he is a daring, adventure seeking took. Many times in the novel we can see bilbo being torn between the he beginning he states that his took side had taken over so he agreed to go on the aventure, but afterwards his baggins side regrets his actions.(18). Similarly the concept of the hero having 2 viewpoints on 1 situation can be observed in the hunger games with its hero, katniss everdeen.Unlike Bilbo katniss’ inner battle is not due to ancestry. Her conflict is choosing between the greater good and her own good. During the last novel of the trilogy katniss is required to be the symbol of hope for Panem but it comes with conditions she is hesitant to accept.She must be willing to be a pawn and take responsibility for countless lives.for every soul she kills katniss feels guilt and it haunts her.When visiting district 12 and seeing all the bodies that have died because of her she is scared to breathe but it is not because of the dust, it is not what she breathes in but who that threatens to choke her(9, catching fire). In addition katniss is very independant and does not like being used without consent like her friends had done, ‘at least in the hunger games she knew she was being played with(385 catching fire). Another trait katniss has is that she is very skeptical and does not trust easily. But to save panem she must put aside her distrust and anger and follow leaders whom she has never met before this is very hard for katniss but despite her personal cost she has to save her country, give herself up for Panem.It is clear that having different opinions on the same
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