Bilbo Heroism

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According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, a hero is, “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” As defined in the epics “Beowulf”, “The Knight’s Tale”, and “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, a hero follows chivalric code with honor, bravery, wisdom, and strength. According to these tales, a hero is someone who follows chivalric code, takes on feats with bravery and strength, and stands for just power. In Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit”, an ordinary hobbit leaves his home to embark on an epic quest. On his journey, Bilbo sets off to assist a group of dwarves to reclaim their ancestral home. Although facing temptations, Bilbo continues to fight for the dwarves in the fantasy land known as Middle Earth. A special hobbit…show more content…
After the dwarves returned home, Bilbo received treasure but he presented the treasure to kings before the battle of the orcs. In the mountain, the dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield fell for the sea of gold and allowed it to draw him into greed. As a friend, Bilbo persuaded the king to snap out of greediness and stood by Thorin to tell him the truth. With humility, Bilbo perceived himself as an ordinary hobbit. Bilbo felt as if he was no one special and was just an ordinary hobbit called to set off on an adventure. All heroes are human and have their struggles and temptations including Bilbo. In “The Hobbit”, Bilbo discovers a mysterious beast named Gollum. Gollum, an obsessed monster filled with greed was fascinated with a ring. Bilbo seized the ring but did not destroy it. Instead, he became tempted by it and kept it for himself. Some may claim that Bilbo’s greed for the ring made him not a hero but this point is invalid because all heroes make mistakes. One mistake does not make someone evil or not a hero. In conclusion, Bilbo was a hero; Bilbo exemplified honor, Bilbo exhibited bravery, and Bilbo embodied
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