Bilbo Persuasive Essay On The Hobbit

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A wise man once said to live everyday like it’s your last, and to step out and stay out of your comfort zone. All of Bilbo’s life he lived as a boring old Baggins man, until the day that the dwarves showed up at his door and invited him on an adventure. His more so adventurous, or what he likes to call Tookish side, truly prevails in three spontaneous moments in the book which are when he attempts to pick pocket the trolls, when he plays a game of riddles with an interesting character named Gollum, and all together the fact that he went on this quest with a bunch of people he doesn’t know. In the book, The Hobbit, Bilbo and the dwarves happen to come across some very incredulous characters. One group that they ran into were the trolls. Bilbo and his Tookish side decided to…show more content…
Bilbo did this because he got lost in the goblin’s lair in the mountain. The deal was that if Gollum won then he could eat Bilbo, but if Bilbo won then Gollum had to show Bilbo the way out. This is an extremely Tookish and venturesome undertaking because if Bilbo were to simply say the wrong word he would be eaten. Furthermore, the above all fact that he even went on this quest at all is astoundingly Tookish of Bilbo. Even by the time readers have gotten to chapter five, Bilbo has already had a major personality change. In the beginning of the book, Bilbo admits that the Tookish side of him has been there all of his life, however it is just recently making the scene because he is tired of doing the same thing every day. One could definitely confirm that Tolkien may be trying to convey life lessons across reader’s minds through the use of the main character, Bilbo Baggins. The main lesson that is conveyed so far is that one should never just lie around and do the same thing every day. This is conducted through the use of Bilbo and the use of his Tookish
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